Be Chosen

To have a sponsorship with the iShot Agency you must meet our requirements and will have to be approved. iShot Agency usually picks who they want to sponsor we our very serious about our sponsorships and collect people that are professional in the field of work. For each one of our sponsors they have different and unique packages that the iShot Agency provides.

We sponsor a huge verity such as:  celebrities, professional gamers, clothing lines, local companies, Youtubers, and much more.

Get Paid To Play

We understand the overhead required to run a successful team or create quality content. iShot Agency wants to see its teams and creators thrive and does offer cash sponsorships to some of our teams. Please be aware that cash sponsorships are very rare and are often granted after a trial period.

Please remember this application is our first impression of you, so be sure to include meaningful achievements, strong social media metrics and convey a sense of professionalism. Be descriptive in your answers and emphasize how you can have a lasting partnership with the iShot Agency.


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Fund your passion with fan support.

Design and sell merchandise, and crowdfund your sponsored website to raise money directly from your fans.

Fund your passion with fan support.

Enjoy your passion, knowing that we equip your site with the correct advertisements. So almost every visit gets you paid.

We help you to grow.

Whether you’re a pro or just starting out, your sponsored site combined with our dedication to get you out there. Will connect you with endless opportunities.

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